Best Persuasive Speech Topics for Everyone

One of the most basic needs to survive, thrive and basically make it in today’s world is that of communication. Everyone has the need to express themselves in some form or another, whether artistically, verbally or through writing, this need is something that is basic in everyone. However, while there are various ways of communicating thoughts and ideas, the most important method is most definitely through verbal communication. The problem is that many people find verbal communication, especially when it comes to speeches, very disconcerting, most definitely when it comes to a persuasive speech. Giving a speech is difficult enough, but combine that with a speech that hinges on convincing an audience to see a certain point of view or to be more receptive to a specific idea and it’s easy to understand the accompanying anxiety that can occur.

Person at the desk speakingThere are several subjects that, when mentioned, automatically has the tendency to infer the need for a persuasive speech. While there may well be other topics that constitute this need, the obvious ones are environmental issues, political issues, health care issues and issues that tend to deal with convincing people of the need to spend additional money. Below are some specific speech topics that constitute the need for persuasive speeches.

  • The need for increased taxes for a variety of reasons.
  • The need to economize in order to avoid waste.
  • The need to be more ecologically minded.
  • The need to make some type of sacrifice in order make the long run better.
  • (The list is continued below)

These are just some of the topics that tend to make people cringe, before even the first word of the speech is uttered. What this means to the speaker is that they now need to overcome even more obstacles than they would with a normal speech. However, this usually also means added stress, due to the added pressure for success, for the speaker. Grant it this may well seem like a daunting challenge, however, one thing that helps put this all in perspective is knowing that the use of persuasion in your speech is to help bring about either a positive change or acceptance of a positive change. You simply need to be able to help those listening to you understand that concept.

The first step when it comes to giving a persuasive speech is to make certain that you have your topic firmly in hand. This simply means making certain that you know EXACTLY what the message is that you are hoping to convey to your audience. What this also means is that you need to make certain that you thoroughly research your topic so that you can offer valid and insightful observations to your audience. Remember, the stronger your knowledge on the subject, the stronger your position is when it comes to presenting the topic.

One aspect to keep in mind when making a persuasive speech is the realization that the subject will have some type of impact on your audience; otherwise they wouldn’t be listening to your speech. This being the case you audience will naturally have some questions about the information that you are giving them. This realization leaves the doorway open for another way for you to gain your audience’s trust; questions and answers. Audiences are apt to be more receptive and open minded to what you have to say if they feel that you are willing to hear their concerns about a topic and address those concerns by answering whatever questions they may have about the subject matter you have presented. Which persuasive speech topic should I choose?

You will obviously be nervous about presenting your information, however, keep in mind that your audience will also be antsy to find out what you will be telling them and how it will affect them. Just keep in mind that there is nothing wrong with being a little nervous and since they are as nervous as you are that will help you to be better able to relate to each other. It’s important to remember that sincerity is one of the most important aspects of a persuasive speech. When you’re passionate about the subject you are speaking on, it will automatically come through in your delivery, helping you to gain your audience’s trust and attention.

While everyone has their own unique style when it comes to delivering a persuasive speech, these tips are some basic ones that can help you overcome your concerns as well a helping you develop the style that you feel will work the best for you. Just keep in mind that the most important aspects are knowing your material, being willing to listen to your audience’s concerns as well as addressing those concerns and most especially, your passion for the subject and your sincerity in the delivery of your speech. By keeping these pointers in mind you will be able to deliver a great persuasive speech.

List of 100+ best persuasive speech topics

  1. Do you think elementary and high school students should be allowed to use cell phones at school?
  2. Do you believe that older people should receive bus rides free of charge?
  3. Should uniforms be mandatory for students?
  4. Should students attend state college without having to pay tuition fees?
  5. Do you think college athletes should receive a salary for playing?
  6. Do you believe illegal immigrants should be allowed to apply for a driver’s license?
  7. Should Spanish classes be mandatory for students?
  8. Do you believe medicinal marijuana should be legalized?
  9. Should all citizens of the USA complete one year of community service?
  10. Do you believe it would be more suitable to raise the driving age to twenty-one?
  11. Would it be better if the voting age was lowered to thirteen?
  12. Should good students receive cash for their good grades?
  13. Should teenagers be allowed to purchase aggressive video games?
  14. Should notebook computers replace the traditional textbooks for students?
  15. Would it be better to introduce a set of skills tests for students, before they graduate high school?
  16. Do you believe that not wearing a seat-belt should be illegal?
  17. Should schools sell soft drinks and candies to students, in order to raise more money?
  18. Would it be appropriate if schools served fried potato products along with French fries at lunch?
  19. Should every day begin with a silent prayer at school?
  20. What if there were separate classrooms for boys and girls? Would that be more suitable?
  21. Birth control is a sensitive topic – should female students be allowed to get birth control without asking for their parents’ permission?
  22. Should female students be allowed to play on male students’ sports team?
  23. Do you think immigration laws need to be revised?
  24. Should the grades students get in gym have an impact on their grade point average?
  25. Do you believe federal governments should recognize civil unions?
  26. Do you think it would be better if USA had an universal health care system?
  27. Do you believe that cities should provide free wireless Internet?
  28. Should downloading music and movies be illegal, and those who do so should be punished?
  29. Should the US government add an extra tax for fatty snacks and junk food?
  30. Should schools allow uncensored songs at school dances?
  31. Should it be legal to smoke in parks and other similar outdoor locations?
  32. Do you think it would be better for students to be on the honor roll in order to play in games?
  33. Do you think students should be allowed to listen to their MP3 players during the study hall?
  34. Should drug tests be mandatory for school athletes?
  35. Do you believe free condoms should be distributed for students, in schools?
  36. Should citizens be allowed to have assault weaponry, based on the 2nd amendment?
  37. Would it be better if schools started later in the morning?
  38. Should people who fail to recycle be obliged to pay $50?
  39. Do you think companies should be able to advertise in schools?
  40. Should stricter penalties be given to stars who break the law?
  41. Do you think schools should teach sexual education?
  42. Should the US government legalize prostitution?
  43. Should it be illegal for people to own pitbull dogs?
  44. Do you believe restaurants who sell modified chicken under the generic name of “Chicken” should not be allowed to do so?
  45. Should property owners be obliged to clean the snow from sidewalks on their property?
  46. Is it right for teachers and students to befriend on social networks such as Facebook?
  47. Do you believe larger passengers should be obliged to purchase two plane tickets, or two movie tickets?
  48. Do you think the United States government should spend more on space programs?
  49. Should abortions be considered illegal from now on?
  50. Do you believe that students who are responsible for cyber-bulling should be expelled from schools?
  51. Would it be alright for stem cell researchers to use cells from aborted babies in order to cure diseases?
  52. Do you believe Puerto Rico should become a state?
  53. Do you think it is time for the United Stated to suspend overseas military operations?
  54. Should students be permitted to consume food products during classes?
  55. Should young children use booster seats in vehicles?
  56. Should people who play music loudly be obliged to pay $50?
  57. Do you think abortions should be legal, in case of incest or rape?
  58. Should public schools teach world religions?
  59. Do you believe people should need a license in order to become parents?
  60. Do you think the city should come up with a bike sharing system?
  61. Are intensive security screenings essential for those who travel in airplanes?
  62. Do you think it should be illegal for people to curs on TV during daytime?
  63. Should it be legal for people to own exotic pets such as tigers or chimps?
  64. Should assisted suicide be legal for people who suffer from terminal illnesses?
  65. Do you think students should have open campus lunch breaks?
  66. Do you believe there should be stricter federal restrictions regarding content on Internet?
  67. Do you think that teachers should pass a test of basic skills every decade, in order to renew their certifications?
  68. Should there be stricter laws for protecting endangered species?
  69. Do you think that death penalty is the best punishment for dangerous criminals?
  70. Should it be legal for politicians to accept campaign contributions that come from various corporate lobbyists?
  71. Should the government declare gambling and sports betting illegal?
  72. Should it be legal for teachers to bring their cell phones to class?
  73. Do you believe fast food should come with a warning label?
  74. Should everyone age 17 or younger have a 9:00 PM curfew?
  75. Do you believe it is time for America to convert to the metric system?
  76. Would it be better if high school students completed community service hours in order to graduate?
  77. Do you think teenagers older than 13 should be allowed into R-rated movies?
  78. Should it be illegal to drive while talking to the cell phone without a handsfree device?
  79. Should children age 13 or younger me allowed to watch music videos or music channels like MTV?
  80. Do you believe ESL students should receive state tests in other languages?
  81. Should products manufactured outside the US come with an additional tax?
  82. Should drug tests be mandatory for professional athletes?
  83. Do you think female construction workers should have the same salary as male construction workers?
  84. Do you believe large corporations should hire a number of minorities that are proportionate to the population?
  85. Do you think 14-years old teenagers should be allowed to hold jobs?
  86. Do you believe students who fail their classes should repeat the grade?
  87. Should American families have no more than two children, in order to control population growth?
  88. Would it be better if schools with low scored on standardized tests were closed?
  89. Do you believe underaged people should be allowed to consume alcohol at home, with their parents’ permission?
  90. Should product testing on animals or humans be allowed?
  91. Should teachers or students who have high scored on standardized tests receive money?
  92. Do you think it should be legal for students to drop out before they turn 18?
  93. Do you believe companies who manufacture alcohol should be allowed to advertise on TV?
  94. Should those who are caught driving after consuming alcohol lose their driver’s license for one year?
  95. Do you think free college tuition should be offered to children in temporary living situations, with a 3.0 GPA?
  96. Should minors who commit serious crimes be charged as adults?
  97. Do you think it would be fair for the government to detain suspected terrorists without proper trial?
  98. Do you believe Internet censorship is inappropriate?
  99. Should uniforms be mandatory for teachers?
  100. Should a dog that has bitten somebody be executed?
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